Quilted Tote-torial: Part 3.

Part 3: Sewing bag body & finishing

Sew interior.

Read carefully before sewing.

Trace and cut 2.5″ squares from the two bottom corners of each lining and exterior panel.

Center pocket layers across bottom edge of one lining panel, right sides together. Place second lining panel on top, right side facing in and pin all layers. Sew across bottom using 1/2″ seam, starting and stopping 1/2″ in from edges.

This will allow you to fold back the edge to sew the sides as follows:

Fold down side of square cutout to line up with the bottom edge of the bag lining & finger press. Line up top of square cutout to line up with the side of the cutout and the bottom edge of the bag lining & finger press. Pin. Repeat with second corner. Flip over and repeat on the other side.

Pin sides as shown below. Green pins indicate pinned corners. Sew using 1/2″ seam, stopping 1/2″ in from bottom edge.


Pin & sew corners using 1/2″ seam.

Turn right side out as shown below.


Sew exterior.

Pin as shown below. This is where you will add your #10 key loops as well. Pin your key loops between the orange and white pins interior loops or between the green and orange pins for exterior loops. Shown below is one key loop pinned for an exterior loop.

Note: Now is also the time to add any optional clips or key rings to your key loop.


I made a mistake and pinned both of mine for the exterior instead of the interior and am debating taking apart the bag to fix it.

Use a different color pin to mark the center 5-6″ of the bottom edge, as you will not be sewing this portion. Sew sides and approximately 3.5″ on each end of the bottom edge using 1/2″ seam.File_002(3)


Pin & sew corners using 1/2″ seam.

Sew interior & exterior together.

There are 2 ways to do this. I found it most comfortable to have the exterior right side out and the interior inside out with the exterior in one side of the divider like this:


I pinned one side, and sewed it using 1/2″ seam, then put the exterior into the other side of the divider and repeated the process.

You can also have the interior right side out with the exterior inside out around it like this:


Either way, pin & sew using 1/2″ seam making sure both straps are inside the bag and not caught in the seam.

This is what you’ll have when you are done.



Turn bag right side out through the bottom of the exterior.

Pin and sew bottom opening shut using 1/8″ seam.


Grab bag by handles and straighten so that exterior and interior are fully seated together. Press and topstitch 1/4″ seam around top edge of bag. Trim or weave in any remaining threads.


And you are finished!


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